Wonderful Wheels Day

Illustrated by Alice Bell
Scholastic, 2004
ISBN: 978-1-86943-604-9

In this sequel to The Lost Watch, Henry finds himself in another awkward situation. Last time he took Dad’s new watch to school when he knew he shouldn’t. This time the school is to have a day where all the students are allowed to bring their wheels to school, whether bike, roller blades or skateboard. Henry has a brand new pair of roller blades and is the envy of his friends.

But Henry never mastered using them and now Wonderful Wheels Day is about to reveal his embarrassing secret.


“Great work, Room 4,” says Miss Grace at the end of the day. “If you keep working this hard for the next few weeks, you can have a special treat on the last day of term – a ‘Wonderful Wheels Day’.”

                “Wheels Day! Cool! Yay!” Everyone yells and cheers. Simon, sitting beside me, yells loudest of all.

                “Miss Grace, Miss Grace!” Everyone is trying to get her attention.  “Miss Grace, will you bring some wheels too?” “Miss Grace, is it okay to borrow a bike if you don’t have one?” “Miss Grace, are any other classes going to have a Wheels Day apart from us?” 

                The whole class is excited – except me. A Wheels Day! What sort of a reward is that?


“The story is engagingly told in the first person and the antics of baby sister Claudia add an extra dimension to the humour. Bell’s pop-eyed computer-generated cartoon characters colourfully complement the light-hearted text. Recommended for independent readers 6-8 years.”
Talespinners, May 2004

Wonderful Wheels Day

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