Tips for young writers


Words are your tools. The best way to learn how to use them properly is to read.
When you read, you increase your vocabulary. You learn about how words and sentences work.
You get better at writing without realising it.

One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper patterns at the right moment.
Hart Crane, poet (1899-1932)

Notice things

Be observant. Imagine you have just arrived here from another country, or even from outer space. Look at the things around you and ask yourself: what is that? What does it do? What does it look like?

Be curious

People tell each other stories every day. Learn to listen to them. Eavesdrop on people in buses or cafes. Read the quirky stories in the newspaper. Find out about your very own family stories.


Write lots. It doesn’t matter what you write. Diaries, journals, stories and emails are all good. Try writing a real letter to someone. People love getting letters in the post.
Keep an eye out for competitions to enter. Competitions teach you how to come up with ideas, keep to word limits and work to deadlines. You might even win!

Don’t give up

Don’t worry if the words don’t seem as good on the page as they sounded in your head. They never do at first. Keep working at them. Writers are people who keep trying to write the best they can.

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You can find lots of writing tips online. Here are some good ones:

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Good luck!!!